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1,279.00 $

Height: 132 CM (4.33ft.)
Weight: 15 KG (33.1lbs)
Bust-Waist-Hips: 57-38-58cm (22,44″-14,96″-22,83″)
Feet: 16.5 CM (6,5″)
Openings: Mouth, Vagina  and Anal
Vagina depth: 14CM, Anal depth: 10CM, Oral depth: 10CM

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Product Description

6ye realistic areolas, vagina and anus (eng)6YE eyes color (eng)6YE wigs (eng)6YE 132CM head choice END4E Areola color (eng)6ye skin tone (eng)

6ye fingernails (eng)

WM Vagina type (eng)D4E Labia color (eng)WM Stand-up feet (eng)