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1,879.00 $ 1,679.00 $

Height: 158 CM (5.2ft.)
Weight: 28 KG (62lbs)
Body measurements: 86 cm (breats) × 60 cm (waist) × 86 cm (hips).
Shoulder: 39cm, Arm length: 66cm, Feet length: 21.5cm, Leg length: 94cm
Love holes: Vagina 18cm, Anal 17cm, Oral 13cm.
Bra Cup Size: D

Material: TPE love doll, skeleton inside

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Product Description

Wig choice for big dollsTongue with uvula ENWM skin tone (eng)hit-areola-size-enghit-nipple-color-engWM new skeleton (eng) WM Fingernails (eng) WM Toenails (eng) WM Stand-up feet (eng) WM Vagina type (eng)

WM pubic hairs (eng) 01WM storage hook (eng)