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2,250.00 $ 1,697.00 $

  • Double jointed neck for more realistic neck postures
  • Shoulder joints upgrading, enables perform like real human
  • Easier head connection design
  • Skeleton totally upgraded for more tough and realistic performance

Height: 170 CM (5.31 ft.)
Weight: 45 KG (99.21 lbs)
Bust*Waist*Hips: 91*64*108CM (35.83*25.2*42.52″)
Love holes: Vaginal, Anal, Oral
Feet length: 23CM (9.06″)
Material: TPE love doll (Thermoplastic elastomer)
Inside: Skeleton. Can pose like human

Package size: 160*53*40CM

LIST of OPTIONS: All options for free!

Product Description

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