Lovenest USB Heating Rod

117.00 $

SIZE: (L)15CM*(W)18MM (5.91″0.71″)
Color: White
LED indicator light
Smart Thermostat, Heating to 45 degrees
Rapid warming
Safe protection

Usage: vaginal, anal orifices, masturbation cup, etc.
Material: ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) – composite plastic. Eco-friendly.



1. USB chargeable, save your money.
2. Light, easy to carry.
3. Eco-friendly, can be used repeatedly.
4. No need to change batteries.
5. Makes the masturbation cup warm easily in no time.

1. Clean the warmer.
2. Put a few lubricant on it.
4. Charge the USB, put the rod in Masturbation Cup for 5-8 minutes.
5. Take out and share your sex time.
6. After the sex time, clean the rod and put it in a dry place to avoid the sunshine.

Caution! Do not leave the heating rod inside your doll unattended and for extended time. The heater may overheat and cause serious damage to your doll this way. Please pay close attention during usage of this device.Lovenest heating rod (11)