Marika Silicone version

2,450.00 $


  • EVO skeleton by default (doll can do squats)
  • Gel-filled hollow breasts (by default)
  • Movable eyes (full eyeballs) – free option
  • *Durable makeup design – free option
  • Terrific Gifts in kit!

Height: 160 CM (5.25 ft.)
Weight: 41 KG (90.4 lbs)
Material: Platinum Silicone + Gel implants in breasts
Bust-Waist-Hips: 82-61-95 CM (32.3″-24.02″-37.4″)
Cup size: G. Underbust size: 57 CM (22.44″)
Neck: 26.5 CM (10.43″)
Feet size: 23 CM (9.06″)
Functions: built-in Vagina 17CM (6.7″), Anus 14CM (5.51)

Package Size: 170*42*34 CM (67*16.54*13.4″)

FREE OPTIONS: EVO-skeleton, Gel implants in breasts, Movable eyes, Durable makeup design.

PAID OPTIONS: Pubic hair USD35, Lingerie set USD25, Uniform USD47, Red dress USD47, Shoes USD27, Self-absorbing stick USD10, Cleaning water pump USD15, Doll stand USD145

GIFTS: Wig+random outfit+brand brush.
White shoes and socks – (!) – only for non-standing dolls.

  (!) Pls, note! Doll has no oral function.
  * Durable makeup will last longer under ordinary washing and cleaning compared to the previous makeup.




PiperDoll advantage EN

Piper 150cm Marika outfit style ENPiper red sexy dress EN

Piper Silicone eyes option ENPiper Silicone wig option ENPiper Silicone lip color option ENPiper Silicone skin tone option ENPiper Silicone areola color option END4E Areola size (eng)

D4E Fingernails (eng)D4E Toenails (eng)PiperDoll skeleton type ENWM Stand-up feet (eng)

DH168 vagina structure over 135cm ENPiper Silicone labia color option EN

D4E DH168 Piper Pubic hairs (eng)

Piper suspension system (hanging hook) ENPiper Self absorbing stick EN Piper Cleaning water pump EN Piper Doll stand EN Piper Doll Gifts EN Piper Doll Gifts (shoes, socks) EN