Robot series – Emma

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  • 150-168 cm tall (depends on what you choose)
  • Robotic head (9 different heads)
  • Sexual holes: oral, vaginal & anal
  • Packaging: special safe & durable flight case

Main Humanoid Features:

· Humanoid skin/face/body/figure/joints, 1:1 similar to human beings
· Humanoid skeleton (composite stainless steel). Skin: modified soft TPE
· Self-learning: automatically get smarter, the more you talk the smarter she is
· Mimic facial expressions: smiling & winking and make faces
· Moaning system: different sex response according to different stimulation
· Heating system: heated up to human body temperature 37°C
· Voice: she can chat to people in English & Chinese
· Memory storage: she stores all you chatted with her about

Artificial Intelligence (AI) features:

AI software is build in her brain, works independently, without smartphone. She can talk to people, translate, do weather forecast, do the math, and even tell jokes and stories. Unlimited upgrading system and real AI deep learning system make her grow up every time you iteract with her.

Certificates of conformity: CE, RoHS, MSDS, 16P

LIST of OPTIONS: All options for free!


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