Cautions before purchase of sex dolls on any web resource:


(!) Do not buy on cheap price, guys, no matter how trite it may sound.
  – You might receive either defective doll like on images below, or even inflatable doll, who knows. Maybe you will receive a bad quality doll with awful smell and constant oil release out of the skin, or nothing at all. Dolls that are made of cheap material tend to tear after several times of usage. The most vulnerable places are the vagina, anus, junction of joints, etc. It is almost impossible to repair such lacerations because of the nature of the damage even with a special glue, and, even more so to use such a doll afterwards for their intended purpose.
(!) Be aware! Suspiciously cheap price is always a lottery.
  – Some factories don’t have professional technology to make a flexible skeleton, it’s hard for their dolls to make postures and even simple actuation of any joint may cause serious damage.
(!) The range of skeleton movements of our sex dolls is much close to a real human, both regular and upgraded. Both are impeccable.
  – A lot of websites display dolls for really low prices, and in most cases those can be scammers just using photos of brand dolls not coinciding with the one you really get. They also like to use cheating reviews. Pay attention. If all the feedback is entirely positive – this should cause for concern (too good to be true).

Quality poor poster EN

(!) Be assure, we sell only authentic, original dolls with excellent quality, resp. Use only material of superior quality. All the photos completely matches to what you get in reality 100%. You may look category: “Directly from factory before shipment”.
Such a doll will serve its owner for many years. Do not skimp on quality!
PS: And nonetheless, using the best, expensive TPE and silicone and with all other expenses, we try to keep pretty low price for all our dolls, (!) considering their authentic nature and high-end quality.

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