Doll in some costume, special uniform, or themed and sexy clothing.

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Sex doll Breelyn cheerleader basicSex doll Breelyn cheerleader 01


1,750.00 $


  • Premium wig comes as a GIFT
  • HOT price!

Height: 166 CM (5.45 ft.)
Weight: 33.8 KG (74.52 lbs)
Bust-Waist-Hips: 88-49-87 CM (30.31″-18.5″-34.65″)
Shoulder: 30 CM (11.81″); Arm: 67 CM (26.38″); Leg: 94 CM (37.01″)
Love holes: Mouth 13 CM (5.12″), Vaginal 17 CM (6.7″), Anal 15 CM (5.91″)
Feet length: 18 CM (7.1″)
Material: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), skeleton inside

Package size: 160-43-28 CM (63-16.93-11.02″)

PAID OPTIONS: Enhanced mouth (tongue with uvula) – USD25. Breast implants – USD75. Lubricant-free vagina (fit to removable and fixed) – USD75. Penis insert – USD25.

GIFT OPTION: 2 wigs (Second regular wig + Premium wig).

The rest options for free.


1,679.00 $

Height: 158 CM (5.2ft.)
Weight: 28 KG (62lbs)
Body measurements: 86 cm (breats) × 60 cm (waist) × 86 cm (hips).
Shoulder: 39cm, Arm length: 66cm, Feet length: 21.5cm, Leg length: 94cm
Love holes: Vagina 18cm, Anal 17cm, Oral 13cm.
Bra Cup Size: D

Material: TPE love doll, skeleton inside

LIST of OPTIONS: All options for free!
Male gay sex doll Elijah basicMale gay sex doll Elijah 1


1,979.00 $


  • Soft realistic but tough skin for durable use
  • Great anti-pressure performance and pressure hints self-recovering capability
  • Flexible lifelike but tough skeleton
  • Tight ribbed anal canal for unforgettable better-than-real sensations
  • Soulful creation with great focusing on lifelike details

Height: 175 CM (5.74 ft.)
Weight: 50 KG (110.23 lbs)
Bust*Waist*Hips: 90*76*99 CM (35.43*30*39″)
Feet length: 25 CM (9.84″)
Sex ways: penis, oral, anal
Material: TPE love doll (Thermoplastic elastomer)
Inside: Modern skeleton. Can pose like human

Penis type: 1) Soft: no inner support;
2) Hard: with inner bendable support
Penis size: 1) Short: 15cm (length)*12.5cm (circum);
2) Long: 25cm (length)*17.5cm (circum)

LIST of OPTIONS: All options for free!

Geisha Doll

1,729.00 $

Height: 168 cm (5.52 ft.)
Weight: 40 kg (88.2 lbs)
Bust*Waist*Hips: 95-60-94cm (37.4″-23.63″-37.01″)
Sex ways: Oral (13cm), Vaginal (18cm), Anal (17cm)
Material: TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), skeleton inside
Second wig comes as a gift along with others! (Can choose in the picture)

LIST of OPTIONS: All options for free!
Sex doll Helma in leather suit basicSex doll Helma in leather suit 01


1,900.00 $


  • Unique lifelike appearance (real person mold)
  • Angelic face, every detail is perfect
  • Super soft breasts
  • Implanted eyebrows by default
  • EVO-skeleton by default
  • Star-standard quality
  • Best price for doll and options guaranteed

Height: 165 CM (5.41 ft.)
Weight: 35.6 KG (78.48 lbs)
Material: Platinum silicone (non-toxic & safe)
Inside: EVO skeleton by default (shrugging shoulders)
Bust-Waist-Hips: 84-54-93.5 CM (33.1″-21.3″-36.81″)
Cup size: “F”
Neck: 28 CM (11.02″)
Shoulder: 33 CM (13″)
Feet size: 21.5 CM (8.46″)
Functions: Vagina 17 CM (6.7″), Anus 15 CM (5.91″)

Default options: EVO-skeleton, realistic body makeup, soft breast, implanted eyebrows, soft vagina.

Free (optional) options: standing feet, pubic hair.

Paid options: implanted hair: human/synthetic USD325/175, freckles USD155, bikini tan lines USD155, voice USD55.

Packaging: 147-38-31 CM (57.9″-15″-12.2″)

(!) If you choose Implanted hair, let us know in order details, what wig you want to be implanted. Any of wig list can be implanted into doll for both variants: human and synthetic hair. Or you can send us pic of preferred wig (we’ll make regarding your photo).
(!) Doll has hard silicone head by default with shut mouth (as in ad pics). If you need oral sex function – this way head will be made from soft silicone, lips will be soft and mouth would be open (8-10cm depth), but this way – implanted hair & eyebrows can’t be applied for soft head. Pls note that.

Additional photo album poster EN


1,497.00 $

Height: 168 CM (5.51 ft.)
Weight: 36 KG (79.4 lbs)
Bust-Waist-Hips: 80-55-80 CM (31.5″-21.65″-31.5″)
Love holes: Vaginal, Anal, Oral
Material: TPE love doll (Thermoplastic elastomer)
Inside: Metal skeleton.

LIST of OPTIONS: All options are for free.
Elf sex doll Moriel (basic)Elf sex doll Moriel 1


1,390.00 $1,454.00 $


  • Fit bodies series
  • Soft skin, realistic anatomy
  • Modern articulated skeleton
  • Gifts in kit!

Height: 145 CM (4.76 ft.)
Weight: 27 KG (59.53 lbs)
Bust-Waist-Hips: 76-49-78 CM (29.92″-19.3″-30.71″)
Cup-size: “F”
Shoulder: 32 CM, Arm: 42 CM, Leg: 74 CM
Feet size: 18.5 CM (7.28″)
Functions: Oral (14CM), Vaginal (18CM), Anal (16CM)

(!) Price depends on skeleton type you choose. The rest options are for free.
Sex doll 100cm Pavlina basicSex doll 100cm Pavlina 1


849.00 $


Height: 100 CM (3.28 ft.)
Weight: 10 KG (22.05 lbs)
Bust-Waist-Hips: 63-53-70 CM (24.8″-20.87″-27.56″)
Shoulder: 32 CM (12.6″)
Arm length: 43 CM (16.93″), leg length: 68 CM (26.77″)
Love holes: Vaginal 14 CM (5.51″), Anal 10 CM (3.94″)
Feet length: 19 CM (7.48″)
Material: TPE love doll (Thermoplastic elastomer)
Inside: Metal skeleton.

Package size: 100-31-41 CM (39.4-12.2-16.14″)

LIST of OPTIONS: All options are for free.
Sex doll Pina basicSex doll Pina 01


1,150.00 $


  • 6th Anniversary edition
  • Stable premium quality
  • Price includes EVO skeleton
  • Super Hot price and GIFT!

Height: 158 CM (5.18 ft.)
Weight: 38.5 KG (84.9 lbs)
Bust*Waist*Hips: 85-58-87 CM (33.46″-22.83″-34.25″)
Feet size: 22 CM (8.66″)
Sex ways: Oral, Vaginal, Anal
Material: TPE + EVO skeleton inside

Package size: 149*40*28 CM (58.66*15.75*11.02″)

LIST of OPTIONS: All options for free!


2,490.00 $


Height: 162 CM (5.31 ft.). Weight: 34 KG (74.96 lbs)
Bust-Waist-Hips: 81-51-91 CM (31.9″-20.08″-35.83″)
Underbust size: 61 CM (24.02″)
Cup size: E-cup
Neck: 27 CM (10.63″), Shoulder: 32 CM (12.6″),
Arm: 64 CM (25.2″), Leg: 94 CM (37.01″)
Feet size: 22 CM (8.66″)
Functions: Oral (13CM), Vaginal (18CM), Anal (15CM)
Material: Silicone (extra soft), metal skeleton inside

Packaging size: 150-43-28 CM (59.06-16.93-11.02)

FREE OPTIONS (by default): Lifelike Textured Skin, New head connector, Special Head-mask, GIFT Accessories & Second wig.

FREE OPTIONS (for your choice): Ultra soft silicone breast.

PAID OPTIONS FOR QIANA: Movable mechanical eyes: $35; Implanted eyebrows: $174; Implanted hair: $570; Bikini tan lines: $55; Ultra soft inner thigh: $55; Ultra soft buttocks: $55; Pubic hair: $65; Ultra Soft Vagina: $55; Hymen (virginal membrane): $30; Tattoo: $75; Standing with bolts: $35; Upgraded skeleton (shrug): $35;
Systems: Sound system (Moaning Feature): $87; Heating: $110;
For storage during non-use: Back Hook: $35; Neck Hook: $25.
Every extra Wig – $25; Extra Head – $355 (point in order note).
Default packing is carton box, Flight case: $370.


Rhea – Yoga trainer

1,600.00 $


  • 3D Ball-jointed skeleton
  • Extra realistic skin
  • Super Flexible

Height: 170 CM (5.58 ft.)
Weight: 35 KG (77.16 lbs)
Bust*Waist*Hips: 75-52-85 CM (29.53″-20.47″-33.46″)
Bra Size: C-cup
Underbust size: 61 CM (24.02″)
Shoulder: 37 CM (14.57″); Leg: 89 CM (35.04″)
Feet length: 22 CM (8.66″)

Sex ways: Oral (15CM/5/91″), Vaginal (17CM/6.7″), Anal (15CM/5.91″)

Material: Extra realistic TPE tech.
Skeleton: Steel, Ball joints 3D 360°

LIST of OPTIONS: All options for free!


1,750.00 $

Height: 163 CM (5.35 ft.)
Weight: 37 KG (81.6 lbs)
Bust-Waist-Hips: 96-62-94 CM (37.8″-24.41″-37.01″)
Love holes: Vaginal (17CM), Anal (15CM), Oral (13CM)
Shoulder: 35 CM, Arm 67 CM, Leg 88 CM
Feet length: 22.5 CM
Material: TPE love doll (Thermoplastic elastomer)
Inside: Skeleton. Can pose like human

LIST of OPTIONS: Heating and Voice functions (Heating – USD97, Voice – USD97). The rest options for free.


1,397.00 $

Height: 145 CM (4.8 ft.)
Weight: 26.5 KG (58.42 lbs)
Bust-Waist-Hips: 70-50-72CM (27.56″-19.7″-28.35″)
Length: Feet 20cm. Arm 57cm. Leg 71cm
Openings: Mouth (13CM), Vagina (17CM), Anal (15CM)
Modern flexible skeleton inside. Can move and pose like human.
Package: 135*45*30CM

LIST of OPTIONS: All options for free!
Sex doll Veronica Nurse basicSex doll Veronica Nurse 1


1,650.00 $


  • High quality TPE sex doll
  • Foot care socks comes as a GIFT
  • Upgraded to EVO-skeleton by default


  • FREE gel-filled breast implants
  • FREE lubricant-free vagina type

Height: 168 CM (5.51 ft.)
Weight: 41 KG (90.4 lbs)
Bust-Waist-Hips: 90-59-90 CM (35.43″-23.23″-35.43″)
Cup-size: F-cup
Love holes: Mouth 15 CM (5.91″), Vaginal 17 CM (6.7″), Anal 17 CM (6.7″)
Feet length: 22 CM (8.66″)
Material: Lifelike skin of Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE)
Inside: fully articulated posable metal skeleton

Package size: 151-37-23 CM (59.45-14.57-9.06″)

Common kit includes: gloves, vagina cleaning pot, 2 wigs (second as a gift), gift outfit (bikini or skirt), comb.

PAID OPTIONS: Suspention kit (USD20). White head stand (USD20), Steel head stand (USD35). Repair/maintenance kit (75USD). Shemale insert (USD100). Additional head (USD190). Heating system (USD125). Moaning/sound system (USD100).

The rest options for free.